Hot & Spicy  
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Chef s Specialties

w. White Rice
98. Seafood Delight
Scallop, shrimp, crab meat w. mixed vegetable in chef's special white sauce
99. Tung Ting Shrimp
Jumbo shrimp marinated w. mixed vegetable in chef's special white sauce
100. Happy Family
Shrimp, chicken, pork scallops & crab meat w. mixed vegetables in brown sauce
101. Triple Crown
Shrimp, chicken, beef w. mixed vegetable in chef's special brown sauce
spicy 102. Hunan Triple
Shrimp, beef & chicken mixed w. vegs. in hot and spicy sauce
spicy 103. General Tso's Chicken
Crispy chunks chicken w. vegs in hot and spicy sauce
104. Sizzling Steak and Scallops
A savory mix of beef steak and sea scallops w. Chinese vegetables in oyster sauce
spicy 105. Dragon & Phoenix
A combination of general tso's chicken on one side and jumbo shrimp w. spicy chili sauce on the other side
106. Four Seasons
Jumbo shrimp, roast pork, chicken & beef w. mixed vegs is brown sauce
spicy 108. Scallop & Shrimp w. Garlic Sauce 10.50
109. Fresh Sea Scallops and Shrimp w. Oyster Sauce 9.95
110. Sesame Chicken
Chicken tossed rapidly over a high flame in chef's special sauce w. sesame sauce
spicy 111. Orange Flavor Beef or Chicken
Chunks beef or chicken sauteed in hot pepper orange flavor sauce
112. Peanuts Chicken 8.75
113. Coconut Shrimp 12.50